Life of translators

Do you already know what do you want to do in the future? How about to work as a translator? Today I am going to describe you a bit what is it like to live as a translator. Let’s talk about freelance translators.
Typical day of freelance translators
Translators do not have typical day. Why? Because they life changes depending on work they have. They have to be flexible.
Leisure time
If there is one characteristic for freelance translators typical, it is this: it is the man who is hungry for culture.
When you leave for work, the translator is already sitting at a desk with a computer. When you return from work, sitting in the same place. Translatorcan remainin the same position for hours.
Are translators happy?
Well, sometimes it can be boring because they work all hours alone at home. At the end of the day if you love your job you are happy man.
Freelance translator is simply passionateand full of enthusiasm.
The example of how freelance translator works.
Working day
I get up around nine and usually workuntil three in the morning. Meanwhile, I’m walking the dog three times a minimum of two hours I spend on Czech and Englishjournalism.Holiday
The last five years none – I always had tocatch a deadline.

Definitely over the book.

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